Vanity Lane: The Ballet

Presented by BlackC.A.S.T. at Harvard
Farkas Hall, New College Theatre 12 Holyoke Street , Cambridge, MA

Vanity Lane is an original fairy tale and ballet story written by La’Toya Princess Jackson and choreographed by Jean Appolon with music composed by Jared Hettrick, Gordon Williams, and Paul Sayed.

Vanity Lane is a study in opposites: cutting edge electronic music with retro 80s influence, classical ballet blended with contemporary choreography, and a study of modern media images told in a timeless fairy tale format. It addresses the duality of beauty and self-worth, external and internal and urges people to look behind the mask of superficial beauty to find the true beauty within.

The main character ElectrKPrincess is enchanted by a spell and transported to Crystalline City. She takes a journey down Vanity Lane where she must confront and overcome three vanities. Vanity Lane rejects unhealthy media images, encourages individuality, and provides an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the world of theater, music, and classical dance.

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