Yuko Kaseki & Zack Fuller

Presented by Boston Butoh Festival
Green Street Studios 185 Green Street , Cambridge

The Boston Butoh Festival is pleased to announce an evening program of performances by Berlin-based butoh artist Yuko Kaseki and NYC-based dancer/choreographer Zack Fuller in collaboration with Emily Smith and percussionist Michael Evans on Saturday, April 20th at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA. (photo of Yuko Kaseki by Ben Lenhart)

Yuko Kaseki presents “Shoot Geez My Gosh,” a work inspired by Henry Darger’s fantasy world that juxtaposes innocence with violence. Sounds from real battles are contrasted with iconic corporeal movements that represent innocence. Zack Fuller and Emily Smith’s “Twisted from Constantly Watching Doves,” is a new dance/butoh work with two amorphous and shape shifting entities on a cryptic journey through glimpses of fractured fairy tales and twisted memories.

See a preview of Shoot Geez My Gosh here:

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