BDA launches first ever College Dancers Night!

The Boston Metro area has over 60 colleges and universities, which really shape the city’s culture. The college population is constantly changing with the matriculation of new students and growing as many students make Boston their home after graduation.

Many universities have formal dance degree programs, recreational dance classes, and student performance groups. Boston Dance Alliance wants to use our unique position to connect the university dance scene on a multi-college basis, and to connect college dancers with dance throughout our community.

BDA offers college dancers an opportunity to extend their networks past their university bubble. Whether you participate in the Boston dance scene to complement your academic and/or extracurricular activities or want to develop a path to continue your interest in dance professionally or recreationally after your university years, BDA wants to meet you!

If you are a college student or work at a college, join us October 25 at the Harvard Ed Portal! Take advantage of this free networking opportunity (Think: a source for finding guest performers to round out your next show.) Sign up here.

Please pass this information along to others who could benefit or contribute perspectives on growing this program. If you offer classes or workshops or present dance in the Boston area, send BDA information and we will pass it along to participating college dancers. We look forward to seeing you.