FLOW / Pravāha Class

Urbanity Dance (Balance Studio) 111 West Concord Street (Entrance in Rear), Boston, MA 02118
Mesma Belsaré
Open to all
Who is this class for?
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Suggested Attire
Dress in comfortable, loose or stretchable clothing. No shoes.

The Sanskrit word ‘pravāha’ means ‘flow’. Based on Patānjali’s Yoga Sūtra, Mesma Belsaré’s PRAVĀHA (FLOW) class is designed to enable students to cut through the mental and physical blocks and unleash their unique energetic, rhythmic flow. Involving fluid and percussive dance movements, prānāyāma breathing techniques and mental focus, this is a dynamic meditation class to help alleviate everyday stress and anxiety, & for dancers to break through the stiffness that sometimes settles in both mind and the body. Formal dance training or background is not necessary. Classes are suitable for ages 18 and above.

Student testimonials:

“Mesma’s “movement experience” was profoundly opening. The meditative exercises before we danced enabled me to drop all the noise of thought in my head and surrender. A beautiful experience!”

“I’m very used to doing more structured dance styles. But this was a beautiful and refreshing way to express myself. Thank you for being a guide for us!”