Dancing Spirits

"Idea" written in orange over "swap" written in light blue.

Good luck to the participants in this year’s NEFA Idea Swap where New England-based presenting organizations and touring artists to network and share ideas for touring projects, happening Wednesday, November 2 at the Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA. Registration is closed.


Forsythe Repertoire with Tony Rizzi poster with black and white image of Tony Rizzi and two dancers partnering, holding hands and reaching their bodies away from each other as they face stage right.

Learn some Forsythe repertoire with Tony Rizzi! In this class, participants will start with a ballet-based warm-up, incorporating the ideas of describing space from Laban. These ideas are the basis for William Forsythe’s ballet Artifact.
Tuesday, November 1, 6:30-8:30 PM at The Dance Complex.


Image of Jordan Lewis crouched down with legs crossed and arms across chest and face. Jordan wears long vinyl black high heel boots.

Studio 721 in Buzzards Bay hosts The Culture Vogue Workshop with none other than Jordan Lewis, aka London Fleur de Lis! This is a rare chance to learn Vogue and Ballroom dance on the South Shore from a master teacher.  Wednesday, November 2, 5:30-8:00 PM.


Man with arm raised standing on table as four figures below him clap in rhythm against a red background.

Flamenco star Farruquito brings a show recounting the origins and history of flamenco, presented in its purest state. Farruquito will be accompanied by a stellar cast of six dancers, musicians, and vocalists. Wednesday, November 2  at 7:30PM at Berklee Performance Center

Three people look back at water and let their hair blow back gently with the wind.

Join Danza Orgánica for a screening of Ohke Kah Nippi Mehquontamuonk / Earth and Water Memory, as they bring it home to UMASS Boston, where it was commissioned. Wednesday, November 2, 7 PM.


Dancer leans back with hand behind head into enlarged flowers in the background.

Motion State Dance Film Series Season 5 happens this week! This season features contemporary dance films from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Wednesday, November 2, 7 PM, FREE at Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, 684 Purchase St. in New Bedford, MA.


"Awakening your creative practice" written in white over a dark background with four green stems with few leaves on them.

Join Zoe Dance in the practice of curiosity and creative motivation in 2 free workshops tailored to dance and theater artists at the Air Space at the Armory. Tim Mateer, and  Callie Chapman guide you to dive deep in your curiosity to discover ritual, personal story, the interplay between movement and voice, physical partnering, and discovering your personal myth. Professional dance and theater artists: Thursday, November 3 and Friday, November 4, 10 AM-2 PM. General Public: Sunday, November 6, 11 AM-2 PM.


Ananya Dance Theatre dancers in vibrant earth tones reach are close together forming a circular shape and reach their arms outwards, most of them in back bends and the center dancer looks straight at the camera.

Ananya Dance Theatre is one of the nation’s leading performance ensembles of BIPOC women, womxn, and femme artists, dedicated to the transformative power of dance and social justice. A meditation on home, loss, and liberation, Ananya Chatterjea’s Dastak: I Wish You Me explores the cross-generational love that carries global communities through difficult migrations, and reimagines the possibilities of freedom. Thursday, November 3, 7:30 PM at Bowker Auditorium at UMass Amherst.


Group of women light with cool colors wear loose fitted shades of brown and beige and reach their arms up as one of them faces downstage left, closes her eyes and opens her mouth.

ANIKAYA presents: The Women Gather, a ritual of healing created by an international ensemble of women-identified artists. This ritual takes place in an environment created by the ensemble, in a soundscape of our voices and bodies and the voices of our mothers and grandmothers. All ANIKAYA performances are Deaf accessible by design. Thursday, November 3-Sunday, November 6 at The Strand Theater.


Photo of 2 Boston Ballet dancers in skin-toned briefs (and female-presenting dancer wears skin-toned sports bra as well). Male-presenting dancer is on parallel relevé with left hand on hip and right arm rounded up; female-presenting dancer is on pointe in an arabesque with left hand on hip and right arm rounded up holding on to an open white fan.

Boston Ballet presents As Anticipated, a program featuring three works from William Forsythe, including a world premiere which is central to a reimagining of Artifact Suite (2004), and Approximate Sonata (1996). These works span a 38-year segment of Forsythe’s entire 58-year creative career. November 3–13 at the Citizens Bank Opera House.


Two male-presenting dancers in tight costumes jump: one with legs parallel and arms out to a V position and the other with one leg forward and one leg back and arms up rounded over head.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee presents its annual fall dance concert, From the Ground Up, an evening of world premieres by renowned guest artists Brian BrooksLevi Marsman, Crystal PerkinsHeather Stewart, and dance faculty members Kurt Douglas and Daniel Pelzig, performed by senior, junior, and sophomore dance majors. Thursday, November 3-Sunday, November 6.


Banboche poster with photo of male-presenting dancer in the center reaching both arms and looking up while extending one leg out to the side.

Join Jean Appolon Expressions at their Haitian Folkloric Workshop with guest artist Robenson Mathurin and live drumming! Embark on a weekend of connection, joy, and remembrance for the festival of Fèt Gede, the Haitian Day of the Dead. Friday, November 4 6:30 PM-8:00 PM at Complex@Canal. See listing below for more celebrating.


Male presenting dancer in black tank top, black social pants and black socks, extends right leg out to the side with flexed foot hovering off the floor while rounding arms towards the right side.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company present What Problem?  Bill T. Jones pursues the elusive “we” in this highly personal work, performing alongside his 10-member company, four vocalists and a cast of 26 local community members. “What Problem?” evokes the tension between belonging to a community and feelings of isolation that many feel in these divisive political times. November 4, 7:30 PM at The VETS 1 Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI. 20% off select tickets for friends and members of Boston Dance Alliance! Use code DANCE20


Inversion poster with graphic of a dark sky with multiple stars in the distance and waves on the lower and center part of the poster.

Inversion by Abilities Dance Boston celebrates human’s movement’s diversity, from equity barriers faced as well as company members’ identities and cultures. This show is a creation of disabled and non-disabled artists from across the country and will be performed live and live-streamed.  Audio descriptions, CART and ASL are available for narratives complementing the music. Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5 at the Calderwood Pavillion Wimberly Theatre.


"Thinking Outside the Box" written in black over a yellow square.

TransCultural Exchange’s 2022 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Create the Future with attendant activities and events throughout the city of Boston and its neighboring city of Cambridge happens Friday, November 4-Sunday, November 6, at Colleges of the Fenway, Boston.


A dense group of young women in blue leotards and bare legs stand with their arms overhead in V shapes, one leg behind them.

New England Youth Dance Exchange (NEYDEX) presented by Mass Motion has its showcase performance Saturday November 5 at 7:30 PM following a youth centered, day of dance in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Feedback on the performance is given privately by Debra Cash, Adrienne Hawkins and Jeannette Neill, and choreographers and directors have the opportunity to engage in open dialogue about productions, choreographic processes, and student development.


Toddler in a bun and a blue tutu stands with hands on hips in front of a blue and white winter scene.

The weather outside is frightful…so come join the Winter Wonderland Mini-Session! During this six-week session, kids create holiday cheer through Jazz and Musical Theater dance styles, wintery songs and create their very own sparkly snowflakes! Spots are limited, masks encouraged. Saturday, November 5-Saturday, December 17, 11:30 AM at Move & Groove Watertown, 100 Parker Street, Watertown


Poster with image of a dancer in a leotard reaching arms up to a V position while holding on to long see-through fabric with small lights creating a wing-like shape with the fabric that seems to create a constellation.

Merli V. Guerra’s PLACE Project celebrates Seymour Planetarium’s 85th anniversary at Springfield Science Museum. A collaborative performance of dance, light, and science features astronomy-based mythologies from China, Japan, Estonia, Greece, Puerto Rico, and Cape Verde, Constellation Stories: Stories of the Night Sky features Luminarium Dance Company, music by Madeleine Shapiro and Andreas Bergsland; traditional Taíno solos by Chali’naru Dones and Vinny “Tata’niki” Iraheta; and Celestial Gift, by Henoch SpinolaSaturday, November 5, 12-4 PM.


Male-presenting ballet dancer in white tights and grey tank top is on an off-balance rélevé passé reaching arms in an L shape.

Northeast Arts announces their first self-produced performance with a mixed bill of choreography by Gianni di Marco, Erica Schwartz and Avery Saulnier de Reyes with Juliet Brown. Saturday, November 5, 3:00 PM & 7:30 PM at Integrarte, Jamaica Plain. Free admission, reservations required.


Banboche poster with purple background and man figure with arms out to the sides like a T. Man wears a straw hat, a red mask and a suit and is surrounded by candles

JAE’s sixth annual Banboche, centered around Fèt Gede, is back in person for the first time since 2019!  Banboche 2022 will be held on Saturday, November 5 at 6:30 PM at  Arts at the Armory in Somerville. The evening will include dance performances, highlights from their year and the communities they support, unique handcrafted goods, drinks, and dancing for all.


Davis Sisters, shirtless and with tight fitted silver bottoms are back to back under pink light in a dark stage and look over at the audience.

HUT XXXVII: DAVIS SISTERS, STELLA SILBERT, VICK QUEZADA. At the threshold of dance, theater, comedy, and installation, The Davis Sisters (Joy Davis and Alexander Davis), create experiences in which performers and audiences are invited to contemplate humanity, enjoy absurdity, and delight in physical and verbal articulation. Saturday, November 5, 8 PM at A.P.E.’s Workroom Theater (lower level), 33 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA.


Isaura, a Brazilian woman, looks over her right shoulder and wears earrings, a colorful necklace and an orange and black striped top

Join Isaura Oliveira in her “Sacred Space: Isaura’s Brazilian Movement Series” This series is rooted into her cultural background from Bahia, Brasil. It contains dance & History of movements of traditional African Brazilian Culture and its fusion with Brazilian Native Indigenous cultural roots. The series dives into spiritual and social approach, into sacred and secular, between traditional and contemporary of her Brazilian Culture. Sundays from October 23 to December 18, 1:00-2:30 PM at The Dance Complex.


Many dancers on the marley floor improvising serve as a background for the words "Feldenkrais + Gaga".

Feldenkrais + Gaga workshop led by Eve Boltax and Ana Harmon is Sunday, November 6, 4-6 PM at The Dance Complex @ Canal. , is an opportunity to explore the full spectrum of your embodied, lived experience. The Feldenkrais lesson will emphasize learning to move in ways that reduce effort and strain, followed by Gaga where instructions are deployed to increase awareness of and further amplify sensation, layering information, building into a multisensory, physically invigorating experience. All abilities are welcomed.


Five people on lilac yoga mats lay on their right side, extend their arms in front of their chest with hands together, bend right knee towards chest and extend left leg behind them.

EQUIPOISE: Somatic Awareness For Enhanced Posture, Breath & Movement Join movement therapist Andrew Rosenstock to explore Somatic Awareness, offering a way to experience your body more vibrantly and with greater ease in both stable, balanced posture and smoothly efficient movement. Postural somatic awareness exercises are gentle, therapeutic, and suitable for all ages and abilities. Sunday, November 6 at The Arlington Center.



Multiple dancers of different genres are collaged onto a black background and have the words "Salon Performance Series" written in white over the image.

Mark DeGarmo Dance seeks applicants for the 2023 season of its transcultural transdisciplinary Salon Performance Series for Social Change  Your portion of the event will include presenting up to a 10-minute excerpt of a work-in-progress and participating in up to 10 minutes of audience feedback on your work. The performance may be hosted on Zoom, in their studio, or a combination of both. See page for details. Preferential consideration will be given to those artists who apply by Monday, October 31.


Apply by Monday October 31 for student debt relief under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program waiver! Certain nonprofit workers and public servants including educators are eligible.


Collage of images of colorfully painted strips of wood

Deadline is Tuesday, November 1 for Mass Cultural Council’s Cultural Sector Recovery Grants for Individuals. This unrestricted $5,000 grants to creatives and gig workers to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and set a path for growth. Watch a recorded webinar about the program in English or Spanish. Read the program guidelines and apply.


Image of dancer jumping with both legs bent and both arms up to a V position in front of the Boston seaport area.

Apply for the Next Steps for Boston Dance Grant.  Artists must have choreographed and presented work in a public [non- educational institution] setting within the last 3 years [online presentations accepted] You could receive 250 hours of flexible rehearsal space over 18 months at any of the program’s studio partners! Deadline is Thursday, November 3.
For more information reach out to Ruth Birnberg, Program Director, at ruthmbirnberg@gmail.com


Dancer in black loose pants and black cropped top kicks left leg up by her side, reaches arms up by her left side and gently leans upper body to her right in the midst of multiple hanging white pieces of fabric.

Nozama Dance Collective seeks 2-4 guest artists working in any style for their show on Saturday, December 3, at BU Dance Theater. Works may be up to five minutes in length. Bonus points if your piece connects to theme of DISSENT Details on website. Apply by Friday, November 4.


Ballerina in arabesque against blue background dotted with lacy snowflakes.

Snow Queen sought by The Children’s Ballet & Movement Co. in Hadley, MA with dress rehearsal 12/17 and two performances on 12/18. Contact Cassieferr@gmail.com for details, fee etc.


Two ballroom dancers wear masks and come close to each other as they lean towards upstage left.

Fox Ballroom Dance Studio is hiring! They’re looking for a ballroom dance instructor for both full and part-time positions at Fox Ballroom Dance Studio in Marlborough. Although it’s preferred, you don’t have to have prior ballroom experience. Any dance experience is welcomed and training is offered to get you up to speed!


Photo of the top of the White House with a purple filter over it and "#dance2vote" written in white.

The November 2022 elections at all levels of government are consequential, especially – at this time – for the future viability of the dance ecosystem and overall arts and cultural sector. If you are a US citizen, make sure you have a plan to vote!

Dance/USA has developed an elections toolkit  #Dance2Vote, to ensure creative workers, interested stakeholders, and the general public have the most accurate information about voting during the November 8, 2022 elections and know the relevant issues impacting the dance industry and overall arts and cultural sector.


In-process elements of Liz Lerman’s Wicked Bodies describing the deep connection between animals, spirituality, and the women labeled witches.


Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Fet Gede, Día de Muertos or other holidays dedicated to the change of the season as we move towards winter, we hope your tricks and treats are creative — and safe!

Best wishes from BDA,

Debra Cash, Executive Director