Pro/Motion – week of February 26

  Dear BDA community, As we wrap up Black History Month and head into Women’s History Month, I hope you have had some time to reflect on the way these two overlapping demographics have impacted how we move, dance and exist in our circles. Notably in the dance world, both have made incredible strides and … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of February 19

Hello BDA Community, Hope you had a restful holiday weekend. Making time for rest is so important for us as dancers in that it allows for physical recovery as well as creative reflection, enabling us to return to the dance floor with renewed energy and ideas. And whenever you’re ready to dance again, you can … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of February 5

Hello BDA Community, Happy Black History Month! Boston Dance Alliance gives thanks for all of the dancers of African descent who contribute to the diversity & vitality of greater Boston’s dance community. This includes but is not limited to movers & shakers like Victoria Ariel of Dance Therapy 508, Shakia Barron of Kia The Key & … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of February 12

Hello BDA Friends, I hope you all are staying warm and possibly enjoying a snow day after a quite eventful weekend! This week is also jam packed with a plethora of events and ways to stay engaged in the community so keep scrolling and mark your calendars. With Valentine’s day around the corner, I wanted … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of January 29

Hello BDA Community, I imagine you’ve been easing back into the groove and making lots of moves this January, which also marks Financial Wellness Month – an important time to consider our financial situation and aspirations for the year ahead. At Boston Dance Alliance (BDA), supporting dancers’ financial wellness is one of our main aims. … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of January 22

Dear BDA Community, I hope your year has been off to a great start. Between performances, workshops, grant applications and all other dance things it’s been quite inspiring to see our community be so active despite the cold! Want to continue to witness and participate in the area’s dance scene? Add our google calendar to … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of January 15

Hello BDA Community, Late last year, I shared on social media some personal reflections on the value of dance and dancers to society – why you’re worth celebrating and supporting, as Boston Dance Alliance works to do daily. While I imagine you feel appreciation from the students you teach and the audiences you entertain, as a … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of January 8

Happy Monday, Hope you are staying warm and enjoyed our first official snow day of the year! As we kick off week 2 of 2024, I’m hopeful and energized. The dance community is heating up and our calendar is filling up with events in our community. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing all the projects … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of January 1

Happy New Year, BDA Friends! As we dance into 2024, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some numbers from 2023 that reflect the reach and impact of Boston Dance Alliance’s programs. Over 329 listings were added to our website and sent out in our weekly newsletter, covering performances, workshops, auditions, and jobs, as well as space … Continued

Pro/Motion – week of December 25

Happy Holidays, BDA Community! As the year comes to an end, we’re giving thanks for good health. It’s the foundation for a quality life as well as a vibrant community and economy – a source of individual and collective vitality for dancers and the greater Boston dance community. That’s why dancers’ health is at the … Continued