As we reach the end of April, the Boston Dance Alliance Dance Relief Fund has made emergency stipends to 41 dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers throughout our community — over $10,000 disbursed. Recipients have included dancers in a wide variety of geographies and genres including aerial dancers, ballet teachers, Haitian dancers, hip hop, and tap performers.

We are working hard to continue to raise funds for the applicants still in the queue. Thank you to our friends at Arts/Boston, amplifying our call for donations with a link to our relief fund donation page in an eblast being sent to 60,000 households today!

Please encourage your networks to give generously at this challenging time. We will get through this — with more than a little help from our friends.

TODAY (Tuesday April 28) at 4 p.m. A Zoom conversation with the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture for Individual Artists  Share your stories and get your questions answered — you do not need to live in the city of Boston to participate.

The City also encourages individuals to answer this survey — it should take around 15 minutes to answer.

 Danza Organica  has relaunched its an online choreographer interview series with future sessions to feature Alli Ross, Alex Davis, Rulan Tangen and Rodney Rivera.

Grappling with Challenges, Staying Connected


Special informative Zoom webinars are coming up tomorrow

April 29 2:30-4:00 The Actors Fund helps explore Creative Work Alternatives for performing artists navigating the Covid-19 economy. Speakers are Brad Hall and Victoria McCabe.

April 29 at 3pm EST Jacob’s Pillow has convened an all-star panel to address

  • How are you and your collaborators finding ways to cope?
  • How are you staying in touch with your constituencies?
  • Are you discussing the future of the arts in your home countries?
  • How do you envision the role of dance in a post-COVID-19 world?

Panelists include Pamela Tatge, Germaine Acogny, Eric Gauthier, Nikolaj Hubbe, Neil Ieremia, Aakash Odedra, and Anne Plamandon.

April 29 at 6PM The Huntington Theatre answers your questions about how theatrical lighting systems are installed and work their magic, especially valuable to those who are thinking of improving their spaces when we reopen. Space is limited.

Plus valuable reading

Dealing with the grief of Covid-19 cancellations — it’s real.

Generating new online material? Repurposing your archive for online distribution? Now is the chance to get your archives in order so they are accessible and useful to you and othersThis first phase of the American pandemic has many people struggling with their emotions, including past traumas, present challenges, and anticipatory fear and worry.

The Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida has published a huge repository of artistic responses to Covid-19 and the flowering of work associated with connection emotionally in the face of physical distancing and isolation.

On May 1, noon-2 p.m. the Boston Arts Consortium for Health, of which Boston Dance Alliance is a member, is offering
“Bach for Healing: A Collection of Artful Mini-Talks to Help Connect and Cope.” Register here to hear

  • Vivien and Phillip Speiser on Meditation and Music on Self, Community and Sky
  • Jessi Stegall on Creative Anxiety & Meaning Making
  • Tanya Maggi on Musical Relationships in a Time of Social Distancing
  • Suzanne Hanser on A Music Strategy for Coping
  • Mitchell Kossak on Music Improvisation and the 3 Stages of Recovery
  • Lisa Wong on Music and Community during a Pandemic
  • Sheri Kennedy on Mind-Body-Art Fusion for Health
  • Emily Bhargava on Mosaic as Meditation
  • Tova Speter on Community Art Invitation to Join Translations: Chains of Positive Energy