Next Monday, May 18 is the day Governor Baker is expected to announce the first phase of reopening. The phases, based on public health criteria, are Start, Caution, Vigilant, and New Normal.

Today, Friday May 15 at 3 pm today there is a  Re-Opening the Economy Roundtable discussion for the cultural community with Joyce Linehan, Chief of Policy, and John Barros,Chief of Economic Development. The zoom will include time for a Q+A  to prepare for what we expect to hear and how we need to advocate for the cultural sector.

You do not need to live in the City of Boston to participate. Boston’s decisions in reopening will affect all of us in the cultural sector and will set the standard for many cities and towns in the Commonwealth.

Register for the zoom call here   The call will be archived here 



“The “foreseeable future” is a contradiction in terms, and among the infinity of things nobody knows is when we’ll be able to attend a live performance.”
Justin Davidson, What Socially Distanced Live Performance Might Look Like


The Centers for Disease Control has just published a comprehensive set of Covid-19 public health guidelines and they are worth reading as you consider some of your mitigation and recovery strategies. The decision trees are especially good for artists who work in studios and schools – although they lay bare what we are up against as we commit to moving back into public spaces cautiously and safely.


This describes disinfecting your household, but many aspects of dance spaces will overlap.

Clear statements on community mitigation strategies.

Do you work in a studio or workplace that has been closed for months? You will need to take care of things before you can reopen, even part time.

Helpful decision trees on schools and camps, which also apply to studios working with children.

Guidelines on holding events, including outdoor ones.


Considerations for reintegrating into the dance studio 


The City of Boston continues to track the effect of the pandemic on all nonprofits, including cultural ones. If you, or anyone you know, represents a 501c3, fill out this brief snapshot survey. 

Have you applied for, and gotten either federal stimulus or unemployment funds during the pandemic? Americans for the Arts want to hear from you — whether as an individual or as the representative of a cultural organization. The survey takes five minutes. 


Our friend, elder dancer Eleanor Duckworth shares Alythea McKinney’s look back at the 1918 “Spanish flu” as sources to support orientation and creation in the midst of the pandemic. 


Talk about social distancing! Bandaloop has it down to a science and Wellesley is streaming a 2017 performance on its Concert page, and Facebook Live Saturday May 16 at 8 p.m.

Misty Copeland and her colleagues have raised almost half of their $500,000 goal, which is pretty great. The swan may be “dying” but generosity to artists in need is very much alive. The Boston Dance Alliance Dance Relief Fund is still accepting donations. Help us provide stipends to the dozen or so applicants still on the waiting list! Donate here