The Theatres and Spaces Dance Needs

The City of Boston has released its comprehensive study of the need for performing arts space in our community. Boston Dance Alliance is proud to have been a key participant advocating for the special needs of dance and dancers.

The findings include


  • There is excess supply. Certain types and sizes of performing arts spaces have availability for rehearsals and/or performances.
  • There is unmet demand. Many artists and arts organizations are searching for additional or different rehearsal and/or performance spaces. The need for rehearsal space is particularly high.
  • Excess supply and unmet demand do not align due to issues of appropriateness, price, and location of available spaces.
  • Because users cannot pay the full operating or capital costs of facilities, the market requires subsidy to adequately support facilities. Economic realities for both space users and space providers prevent them from finding a pricing “sweet spot” absent significant and ongoing additional support to run, maintain, and update facilities.


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