Who will be the next BDA Dance Champion?

Now the event you’ve all been waiting for… your opportunity to nominate the next Boston Dance Alliance Dance Champion and Unsung Hero! 

The Dr. Michael Shannon Dance Champion Award, created in 2004, recognizes a member of the metropolitan Boston dance community over the age of 60 who has made a great contribution to Boston’s dance landscape and whose body of work constitutes a significant legacy.

Inaugurated in 2016, the Boston Dance Alliance Unsung Hero Award recognizes a person whose behind the scenes work with dance and dancers through music, design, administration, or any other activity has made a significant contribution to the vitality of the Boston dance scene. There is no age limit for this award.

You must be a member in good standing to nominate these awardees. Selection of the Dr. Michael Shannon Dance Champion will be made by a group of our distinguished former awardees, listed here.  The recipient of the Boston Dance Alliance Unsung Hero Award is selected by the BDA Board based on member nominations.

Please send in your nominations now. Deadline is Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (the day after Presidents’ Day) at 5 p.m.  Click here for nomination forms.

And save the date! The 2017 BDA Gala will be Sunday evening, May 21, 2017 at the Dorothy and Charles Mosesian Center for the Arts (aka the Watertown Arsenal). More details to follow!