A-Coeur-Dance Workshop

The Dance Complex The Dance Complex , Cambridge
Cassie Brizzi
Expressive Dance
Who is this class for?

This Ecstatic dance is fun and it asks for our presence inviting peace of mind as a practice. Stillness as sanctuary.
The dance floor is a space to strengthen our bodies and feel the momentum of our lives. When we drop into body, beat and breath we are gifted an opportunity to explore more of who we are through movement. The dance invites curiosity and welcomes all of our expression from contraction to expansion and all the territory in between. Moving between the space of holding on and letting go we find the pause, our center in the storm. How am I moving? How might I turn fear into excitement with a fresh rhythm right around the corner. Collectively we dance to shake out stagnancy, surfacing into our vitality, creativity and our humanity. The head and heart meet here to create a new dialogue with ourselves and others. This is about the dancer within us all regardless of age, gender or body shape. This is a moving meditation to honor your truth, trust and freedom.

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