Aerial Specialized Workshops at Boston University

Boston University FitRec Center 915 Commonwealth Avenue , Boston
$20-$50, see website for specifics
Marin Orlowsky Randow and Lynda Rieman
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
Wear comfortable, tight-fitting clothing (tights or leggings, no wide-bottom pants) and make sure that your stomach, the backs of the knees, and armpits are covered.

We are thrilled to offer three Aerial Specialized Workshops:

1-2 pm Dance-based Low Sling with Marin Orlosky Randow
2-3:30 pm Circus-style High Sling with Marin Orlosky Randow
3:30-5:30 pm Bungee with Lynda Rieman

Dance-based Aerial Sling and Bungee are for both new and more seasoned practitioners while Circus-style Sling is for those with at least a semester of aerial dance.

Register for one, two, or three workshops. Sign up for all three and receive a $10 credit towards next aerial or dance class.

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