African Dance Festival with Papa N’Diaye

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
1 class $20: 5 classes $90: 10 classes $150
Papa N'Diaye
Who is this class for?

October 5th 4:30- 9pm
October 6th 12- 7:30pm
October 7th 10:30am- 6pm
Ndaje Festival is an African dance company that caters to audiences of all ages and ethnicity with diverse backgrounds.
Sabar: is the traditional dance in Senegal. The dance is an energetic dance, you use the arms and the legs.
Kituro: it’s a low level dance with easy to follow steps and movements.
Guinee Dance: The dance form is high energy, helping to increase fitness and strength.
Bouguerabou: high level energetic has some similarities with kutiro. The steps involved whole movements with lot of twisting and turning and jumping.
Serere dance: similar to Sabar with a much faster rythme more like aerobic, musical instruments are used as music accompaniments in wrestling matches as well as in circumcision dances and royal festivals and healing.
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1 class $20
5 classes $90
10 classes $150

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