The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 , Cambridge
Choreography Lab
Who is this class for?

Our focus for aMaSSiT 2022 are dance/movement makers exploring a passionate practice. While all are welcome to apply and will benefit from the program, the aMaSSiT Lab will offer sessions that include working with subject matters and realms of thought that are driven by individualized areas of investigation. These can include awareness of societal concerns – justice, humanity, environment – but are not limited to these examples. The lab will be designed to bring tenets of choreography into dialogue with these passionate subject areas, deepening the skill and craft to effectively communicate through the craft of performance/dance making.

For aMaSSiT 2022 we are collaborating with Monkeyhouse, an award winning local nonprofit that connects communities to choreography, as part of their Covid Collaborations program.

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