Balkan Dance Party Extravaganza by Divi Zheni, Boston women’s Balkan chorus & band

Payson Park Church 365 Belmont St. , Belmont
Tickets at the door: $20 adults/ seniors $15/ students $10/ $50 family max
Divi Zheni
International Balkan traditional line and circle dancing
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
Festive/ethnic clothing encouraged; non-street (dance) shoes preferred (to protect wooden floor)

Join Divi Zheni and friends for a lively night of participatory Balkan folk dancing. This is our annual dance party with live music (by Divi Zheni, women’s Balkan music chorus & band, Zornitsa, our brother chorus & band, and bands, Balkan Fields and Gogofski). Teaching will be led but not taught. Dances are moderately difficult (from easy to challenging). All are welcome to follow along and join in as inclined. Refreshments included. Sitting and listening, singing along and chatting with others are also encouraged.

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