Basic Rainbowdance Credentialing Training

Boston Children's Foundation 850 Summer Street Suite 206 , South Boston
$315 or $130 with valid student ID
Training for dancers, clinicians, teachers, caretakers
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
Comfortable clothing

Rainbowdance© is a parent/teacher friendly intervention, which encourages self esteem, self regulation and social empathy through the use of repetitive gesture, song, and movement. As the number of infants and toddlers attending full time day care programs increases, the opportunity for dyadic relationship building decreases.

Rainbowdance© provides children with the opportunity to experience the attachment to the peer group necessary for healthy relationship building, minimizing an orientation toward peer violence. Rainbowdance© has been used in classrooms, in-home therapy, dance studios, and more. This is a wonderful intervention for clinicians, early childhood educators, dancers, and parents/caretakers.

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