Body Resonance Butoh Workshop poster with title and dates over a photo of a dancer with long dark hair in a red costume whipping hair up and back lifting sand off the floor.

Body Resonance Butoh Workshop with Yumiko Yoshioka

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave , Cambridge, MA
Yumiko Yoshioka
Who is this class for?

Body Resonance from the idea that the world, including our body and soul, consists of vibrational waves that create constant resonances like echoes. When we tune our body to that frequency, we receive images, feelings and sensations accordingly. In effect, we make a white canvas of our body to paint new color onto it. I teach this as neutralization, encouraging a close-to-zero state, scouring off rust and polishing antennas to catch waves from profound layers of the body. The transformations and concentrations of dancing break up the eggshell of form. Register via email:

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