Boston Harbor Fiddle School Visitors’ Day

Folk Arts Center of New England 10 Franklin Street , Stoneham
Judi Nicholson, Eamon Sefton, Patsy Reid, Jamie Laval
Folk Dance & Music
Who is this class for?
Young Kids and Youth, Adults
Suggested Attire
Comfortable summer wear

On Tuesday, August 13, 2019 we will welcome visitors to Thompson Island as we do every year. Your friends and family are invited and encouraged to join us on the island and enjoy the splendor of the surroundings and Scottish music and dance that spans the spectrum from haunting airs to rollicking reels. The price of a Visitors’ Day ticket includes transportation on the island’s “Outward Bound” boat to and from the island, an outdoor barbecue dinner, and a world-class concert featuring our faculty, followed by a session for all-who-will, and dancing. Optional lodging on the island is also available. Advance registration required.

Ticket Information