Burlesque Like A Man

Boston Academy of Burlesque Education 119 Braintree St. #206 , Allston
Session 1: $25, Session 2: $55, Session 3: $55, All Three Sessions: $99
Joe Williams (Willy Barrett), Scratch
Who is this class for?

Three sessions on June 12: take one or take them all.

12pm – 1pm: Delsarte Essentials
This workshop gives a grounding in the core elements of Delsarte and is the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with it or a great refresher for those familiar with these techniques!
This workshop is intended for all performers

1pm – 3:30pm: Manly Burlesque: Movements, Striptease, & Mindset
Explore movements, dance techniques, and articles of clothing your audience will associate with men, and learn how to incorporate them into your act.
This workshop oriented towards performance in traditionally male garb

3:30pm – 6pm: The Foundations of Male Burlesque
The persona you present on stage is just as important as the costume you wear or the choreography you perform. Students will learn Delsarte techniques for displaying passivity and aggression and the tools of creating an act that suits your persona and vice versa).
This workshop is oriented towards male-identified performers

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