Circle of Solidarity and Dance

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
General Admission: $21, BDA: $15
Maryann Peronne
Contemporary/Creative Workshop
Who is this class for?

In these turbulent and tremendous times, Maryann wishes to gather a group of dancers and citizens to give testimony to their stories, concerns and visions. Through a three-hour dance and creative workshop, the participants will explore ways to ‘move’ into their stories and visions, and creatively cultivate support systems and calls to action.

The experience will be comprised of a ‘circle of solidarity’ through words and movement, a contemporary dance warm-up (aligning and awakening the body and mind), and a creative workshop (shaping and assembling ideas and artistic vignettes).

Through this experience, the participants will be encouraged to build new circles of solidarity and new forms of personal and collective activism.

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