Two movers doing aikido

Contact Improvisation & Aikido Lab

Aikido dojo 2000 Mass Avenue, 2nd floor , Cambridge
$60 for the series, $20/drop in
Michael Klinger
Contact Improvisation & Aikido
Who is this class for?

Working with weight, counter balancing, falling, redirecting and flying. Will explore the roots of Contact Improvisation and Aikido and where the two forms intersect. A series of exercises followed by lab work—improvising. Previous movement background in dance or martial arts desired.

Facilitator:  Michael Klinger is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Aikido having studied with Sensei Kanai for 20 plus years.  He has been teaching Aikido at New England Akikai for past fifteen years. He has been studying, dancing, performing and teaching Contact Improv for over thirty years. He has worked with many of the pioneers:  Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff, Curt Siddall.  He has been fascinated with the interplay of movement, flow, power and release and how the two forms inform each other.