Contact Improvisation with Felice Wolfzahn

MAGMA 11 Pleasant St., Suite 64 , Gloucester, MA
Felice Wolfzahn
Contact Improvisation
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Suggested Attire
comfortable clothing, layers for warmth

Come for the afternoon to explore an introduction to this invigorating, spirited, and rich dance. Contact Improvisation is primarily a duet movement form; a resonating exploration of how moving in balance with ourselves allows us to move in greater harmony with others. Two people move together playing in a physical dialogue, communicating through the language of touch, momentum, and physical listening. We will explore some of the basic skills and concepts including: weight sharing, rolling, counterbalancing, gentle movement patterns, and tuning our senses to touch. In turn, we cultivate a relaxed, fluid body and a responsive, attentive mind. Skill work will be interspersed with guided improvisations, taking time to share observations of this spirited and playful movement form. All levels of experience are welcome!

Felice Wolfzahn is a veteran teacher of Contact Improvisation, teaching in colleges and dance centers for over 25 years.

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