Dance Friday

Saint Mary's 8 Inman street , Cambridge
Suggested Donation: $15
Stan Strickland & Helena Froehlich
Tuning Moving Meditation and Dance Improvisation
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
We recommend casual, lightweight, comfortable clothing that you can move in

Dance in the Roaring New Year, with a 2020 Vision!
Tuning Moving Meditation with Helena Froehlich & live music with Stan Strickland:
Starting with a Tai Chi style warm-up, Helena and Stan will invite you to practice gentle moving meditation, tuning with self-acceptance, acceptance of others, and developing your vision 2020. Then the floor opens to Free Dance to the pure sound of Stan’s heartwarming music.
Dance Friday is an event where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can express themselves through movement to music. We offer an atmosphere of acceptance, friendship, and trust. Dance Friday is a community drawn together by a shared delight in dance and the recognition and respect for the value of life.

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