Dance Improvisation with Liz Roncka

Boston University FitRec 915 Commonwealth Ave , Boston
Liz Roncka
Dance Improvisation
Who is this class for?

This class is designed for anyone curious about the practice of improvisation. Dancers and non-dancers alike are welcome. The skills developed in this class are applicable to any creative process as well as to everyday life. In this class we engage in exercises and improvisational structures to heighten our awareness, broaden our individual movement vocabulary and develop our skills in instant composition. Basic partnering skills may be included. This is a dynamic class that fosters both the ability to work in ensemble as well as strengthening the individual’s personal aesthetics and movement style.

Mondays June 6-27 6:30-8:30pm

Liz Roncka is an accomplished performing artist working in the genres of movement improvisation and contemporary dance. She has taught and performed original work at a range of prominent venues from Boston to NYC to Paris.

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