3 dancers stand in a clump with arms intertwined.

DEL at Jacob’s Pillow Mini-Workshop: Martha Graham

Jacob's Pillow 358 George Carter Rd , Becket
$49 | BDA exclusive: Use code STUDIO to attend the workshop for only $20!
Ann Biddle (Director, DEL at Jacob's Pillow) and Felice Santorelli (DEL Facilitator)
Community workshop
Who is this class for?

This interactive movement workshop explores the work and legacy of modern dance icon and pioneer Martha Graham. Considered revolutionary at the time, Graham’s invention of a new modern dance technique has endured for almost 100 years. Her impact on the field of dance was enormous and far-reaching. The Martha Graham Dance Company continues to preserve her legacy and has brought her work into the 21st century in new and innovative ways.
Workshop participants will:
 (1) Explore different approaches to looking at a choreographer’s work
, (2) Engage in embodied research that pulls from the Pillow’s rich digital resources
, (3) Participate in movement exploration and collaborative dance-making
, (4) Discover applications of workshop content to dance education
, (5) Develop strategies to bring embodied dance history into the dance classroom. Open to all ages and levels. As an added bonus, workshop participants receive a 20% discount to same-day performances of the Martha Graham company.

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