Experiential Anatomy

MAGMA 11 Pleasant St., Suite 64 , Gloucester
Vincent Cacialano and Co. AV
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
comfortable clothing, layers for warmth

This workshop will approach moving from the inside out. Where each individual can connect to their own movement sources, vocabulary, facility, and inspiration while learning crucial information about the body and movement.
Information that supports dance technique and all other aspects of movement. We will first tune our bodies with a Feldenkrais floor-barre, connecting into our center and out to the periphery. We will then transition into physical exploration exercises, including contact work and touch, based in, but expanding the work done in the Feldenkrais floor-barre.The entire workshop will incorporate exercises that work to release tension, improve posture and movement, and facilitate a deep sense of body awareness and inner and outer connectivity.

All bodies, ages and levels of experience are welcome. No dance training necessary.

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