Free To Be Me, You, He, She & They | I-ARE Workshop with DeAnna Pellecchia

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
DeAnna Pellecchia
Who is this class for?

‘Who I am is for me to define, no one else.’
We all experience stereotypes. Each and every one of us is in conflict with a story that has been told for us and about us. How do we defy those stories? Is there any part of these stories we might come to love? How do we find the courage to be authentically ourselves? And how do we fully support others in doing the same?
When we are denied the opportunity to define our stories, to define our perspectives, that denial comes to define us. When we own our story, we have the power to create our very own brave ending. When we truly listen to each other’s story we create a path through tolerance and acceptance to inclusion and love.
Through the process of writing, moving and listening we will transform language and physicality into a powerful storytelling experience. By generating stream-of-consciousness word lists and improvisational movement structures utilizing Listening Strategies® we will create a space

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