A dancer is captured in a handstand, with writing stating "Floorwork Workshop: Boston, July 8+9"

Ground Grooves Floorwork Workshops- Beg+Int, Int+Adv

The Foundry + Dance Complex 101 Rogers St. , Cambridge, MA 02142
Gracie Whyte + Laura Berg, Ground Grooves
Who is this class for?

Ground Grooves is a floorwork class emphasizing continuous and fluid movement from a methodical and safe approach.
Working with and without momentum, dancers move through a variety of rolls, slides, inversions, and shoulder rolls focusing on efficiency for longevity, absorbing impact with muscular resistance, and developing qualitative movement textures.

Dancers can expect to gain:
-a deeper physical expression of floorwork texture, dynamics, and flow
-increased awareness of weight placement and its effect on spinal freedom and transitional clarity
-tools for developing a lush, spongy movement quality

Get a sense of the class here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVHaLamNVR0&list=PLtPgc5iJ-9K_-QoRmlJARtkAM8kvRRCno
-control and fluidity moving in and out of the floor
-methods for integrating floorwork principles into standing work

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