Intimacy, Tone, and Freedom

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
General Admission: $85 BDA/Student/Senior/Military: $75
Shura Baryshnikov and Sarah Konner
Contact Improvisation
Who is this class for?

Given this current political time, creating spaces for and/ or held by women feels valuable on many levels. We are interested in creating more spaces for women to practice contact improvisation with one another. This may be of interest to you because you want a safer space to practice/ learn this form; because you more often dance with men; because your dances with women seem too careful and you wonder why; or because your most fun dances are with women and you want more!

We have noticed that male-female duets tend to be most common in CI jams (even though this is a non-gendered form with no lead or follow). We aim to question that and focus our attention on dancing with other women. In this mixed-level workshop, we will offer contact improvisation skills of falling, flying, and moving with ease into unknown trajectories, while also investigating what is unique to dancing with women.

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