Israeli Folk Dance Workshop with Eyal Ozeri

American Legion/V.F.W 386 Washington Street , Brookline
Eyal Ozeri
Israeli, Culture
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
comfortable dance clothes

Don’t miss this event led by this unique choreographer from Israel, who will present his own dances as well as others at an afternoon workshop in Brookline. He is well known for his dances in Europe, China and New York and leads many classes in Israel. This is his second tour in this area.
His dances tell the story of Israel.
Many of his dances are from his youth including the classics Braham, Barcheni, Boreach Mikehev, Shemesh Aduma, Bati Elecha, Kvar Avru Hashanim and many more. Eyal Ozeri is a creative, inspiring and dynamic teacher of dance as well as Israeli life.

A video of Eyal dancing one of his dances:

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