Kids 8 – 11 Break Dance Circle/Cypher with Sean McDonnell

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
Sean McDonnell
Break Dance
Who is this class for?
Young Kids and Youth

Cypher / Dance Circle
$20 Drop-in Cost

In Hip-Hop culture, a cypher is essentially a respectful unification of the minds, generally sharing knowledge on the Hip-Hop art in practice. For new eyes, a BBoying/BGirling cypher may look like it’s a general circle of dance. This is understandably incorrect; a Breaking cypher can range and fluctuate between extremely chill to loudly energetic. Within the circle there’s an undertone of communicated study between two or more practitioners.

Our cypher is not the raw cypher typically seen at local events or practice spaces. Our cypher is casually guided by Seani Monsta, and is meant to systematically prepare students for mindful navigation of that raw cypher. Experienced students well over a year know “the drill” yet, still have much to learn and understand about cypher culture. They’ll be encouraged to build on their techniques. (Clarification: there’s no drilling, that’s our ‘te

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