Young Dancers and Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital at Waltham 9 Hope Avenue , Waltham, MA
Multiple instructors
All genres
Who is this class for?

Boston Children’s Hospital presents 2016 Dance Symposium: Dance Healthy through Life, part of its continuing medical education series.

This course will focus on health maintenance throughout the multiple stages of a dancer’s career.

Pediatric dancers often struggle with strength and flexibility imbalances as growth and puberty progress, predisposing them to injury. Pre-professional dancers may struggle with eating disorders, bone health issues and experimentation with substance use and abuse to maintain weight. Health maintenance can be challenging for professional-level dancers through their child-bearing years and into middle age and elderly years with early osteoarthritis onset. This course will also highlight how to train dancers to prevent joint degeneration and maintain health and fitness

This course is designed for primary care physicians, physical therapists, dance instructors and athletic trainers, as well as parents and dancers.

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