Two dancers hold hands and reach arms up

Moving in Community

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge
CJ Donohue
Modern, yoga, contemporary, improvisation
Who is this class for?

All movers welcome. We will start each session with a luscious yoga and modern dance inspired warm-up, designed to awaken the body and mind, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves, the space, each other and the present moment. Once we’re tuned in, we will delve into a writing and movement meditation, tuning to them theme of authenticity and grounding. During this collaborative class, we will engage in an exciting exchange of ideas, words, and movement phrases.

As the class progresses, we’ll combine our shared ideas and movement phrases to develop an improvisational/movement score. This score will serve as a loose structure for our explorations while leaving room for spontaneity and individual expression. Together, we’ll immerse ourselves in the joy of moving in community, feeding off each other’s energy and ideas. Class will end with an integrative meditation and sound bath, leaving room for restoration and embodiment.

This event is part of the Reflection, Healing & Movement series and is held in Studio 7 on the ground floor of The Dance Complex. This workshop is also available virtually.

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