Object Based Identity: a movement workshop on Material Deviance with Alice Gosti

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
$20 Drop in; $15 Pre-Register Before March 25th
Alice Gosti
Movement Workshop
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Thursday March 28th from 6:00- 9:00pm
Presented by The Dance Complex in association with New Movement Collaborative
How do the objects we own define our identity, and in return end up owning us? In this movement workshop we will investigate our personal relationships with objects using both physical and verbal languages to play with what we find. Many of the scores we will be playing with were developed as part of the project Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture.
“I believe in three things: the ineffability of art, the cultivation of caring, and autonomy. I belong to a legacy of process-focused experimental dance that constantly finds its inspiration in current and historic social realities. I am inspired by artists that are interested in the way that politics and history enter the body, and how this affects how we move and exist.”- Alice Gosti
This workshop is part of Alice’s research towards a performance at The Dance Complex, produced in association with New Movement C

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