RAKS SHARQI (Belly Dance) with Shadia

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
$25 Drop In
Belly Dance
Who is this class for?

Dancers! Ged educated about two different raqs sharqi styles: Levantine and North African by two international dancers, Shadia (Master Teacher) and Soumaya MaRose, who grew up in the culture, lecture about it, play it’s rhythms and are dedicated to keeping its Eastern roots.
Week 1: Egyptian Accenting with sagat (zills) (Shadia)
Week 2: Eastern (Oriental) arms and hand styles & framing with Shadia
Week 3: Dynamic Egyptian/Lebanese HIps (Shadia)
Week 4:Arm & hand framing North African Style with Soumaya
Week 5: Tarab & Taxaseem, the art of.. By Soumaya & Shadia
Week 6: Shimmy Technique for Arabic Style drum solo with Soumaya
Week 7: Dynamic Hips, North African style with Soumaya
Week 8: North African & Eastern Arabic (Levantine) Folkloric and Sharqi solo styles by Shadia and Soumaya

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