Reigniting Your Creativity at the Dance Complex’s Summer Sizzle Dance Festival

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 , Cambridge
General: $165 BDA/Student/Senior: $145 *Sign up before July 20 and save 10% on your registration
Maryann Perrone
Who is this class for?

Moving away from the usual references, we will awaken our curiosity, solicit our imagination and invigorate our senses; taking the time to rediscover ourselves through the fundamentals of movement and the principles of contemporary dance – focusing on the body, space and time, listening to oneself and others, and experiencing the many qualities of movement.As artists and educators (present or future), we will experiment and discuss new ways to study, share and teach dance. We will explore how the senses inform movement; building fertile and benevolent spaces for discovery. Without typical constraints, using the space, objects and others, we will stimulate our imaginations. Site Specific creations will be made in 5 different studios in the Dance Complex, culminating in a traveling performance at the end of the week.

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