Renaissance Dance Repertory Workshops at Integrarte

Integrarte 85 Seaverns Ave. , Jamaica Plain
$25; discounts are available for packages of more than one workshop.
Ken Pierce
Renaissance Dance
Who is this class for?
Suggested Attire
Wear soft-soled shoes (for example, jazz shoes, dance sneakers, or t-strap teaching sandals) and comfortable dance clothing.

Each session will be self-contained, devoted to one or more French or Italian ballroom dances from around 1600, as described in treatises of the period. Steps are in a “natural” (not turned out) position. Movement quality varies: steps can be smooth or sharp, calm or vigorous. Some dances, like galliards, include lots of jumps; others are closer to the ground. No prior Renaissance dance experience is required — steps needed for the dances will be taught as part of the workshop.

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