Shaker Dance Revival Project Intensive

Canterbury Shaker Village 288 Shaker Road, Canterbury NH 03224 , Canterbury
$200 for one session or $400 for both. Sign up for one session or both! Participants who sign up for both sessions by Village members receive a 10% discount.
Who is this class for?
Kids and Families, Adults

Attention all dancers ages 15-22!

If you value traditional techniques and also wish to explore the current direction of somatic movement, join us for three-six days of rigorous training from high caliber dance instructors in a range of disciplines, including ballet and an exciting variety of contemporary dance techniques and modern modalities.

Under the direction of Resident Dance Maker Lorraine Chapman and Dance Revivalist Joan Talarico-Brodsky, program participants will attend classes given by an impressive roster of New England-based and nationally and internationally acclaimed dance educators.


SESSION 1: June 22-24  Integrated Pilates, Modern/Contemporary & Yoga w/ Danielle Zecker-Hannon  Ballet w/ Patricia Lavoie, Li-Ann Lim, Lorraine Chapman  Making Dances & Contemporary Partnering w/ Katherine Ferrier  Core Strength and Deep Release w/ Joan Talarico-Brodsky  Giordano Jazz Technique w/ Sarah Duclos  Modern w/ Amanda Whitworth  Integrated Free Writing & Improvisation w/ Angie Hartley  Modern Technique & Prometheus Dance Repertory w/ Diane Arvanites & Tommy Neblett  Wrap-up & Informal Presentation of Prometheus Dance Repertory (parents, family & friends of the students performing are invited to attend)

SESSION 2:  June 27-29  Post Modern Contemporary w/ Jessica Howard  Ballet w/ Amy Fortier, Edra Toth  Hip Hop w/ Ramiro Vaughan  ModernJazzBlues w/ Adrienne Hawkins  Modern w/ Amanda Whitworth  Isadora Duncan Technique w/ Sandra Keldsen  Classical Ballet Variation (TBA) w/ Edra Toth  Modern/Contemporary Technique & Partnering w/ Angela Conte  Skybetter & Associates Repertory w/ Sydney Skybetter  Wrap up & Informal Presentation of Skybetter & Associates Repertory and Variation (parents, family & friends invited to attend)


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