Balkan Music Night

Presented by Folk Arts Center of New England
51 Walden Performing Arts Center 51 Walden , Concord

Now in its 33rd year, Balkan Music Night is a vibrant celebration of the rich musical traditions of the Balkans, and an immersive experience in music, dance, culture, and community. Since 1986, several hundred Balkan enthusiasts of all backgrounds have gathered annually in the Boston area to revel in the exciting rhythms and soulful melodies of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, and more.

The impressive roster of performers includes powerful vocalists and dynamic instrumentalists, renowned Balkan-born artists and accomplished American-born devotees, local favorites and guest bands, all brought together for one extraordinarily bountiful night of dancing and listening pleasure.

You can dance all night (from when the doors open until the wee hours) in the spacious dance hall, moving to the non-stop, big-band sounds of pounding drums, funky brass, soaring clarinets, and wailing bagpipes.

Or you can settle into the concert seating of the intimate upstairs kefana (kefi = elated mood), and listen to a splendid succession of acoustic performances by some of the finest soloists and small ensembles around.

Or you can switch between dance hall and kefana as you choose!

You can also hang out in the friendly lobby, chatting with other Balkan music fans, shopping for CDs and DVDs at the Little Shop of Horas, and helping yourself to the generous spread of complimentary snacks, cold drinks, and hot kafe provided to sustain you during 6 hours of intensely Balkan fun.

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