The Deep Dance Series Presents: Brett Perry

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
From $18 Drop Ins to a Full Pass (full Deep Dance Series Session 2)

Brett Perry’s class roots itself in the techniques of our pasts, explores the world of the present and dives into the uncertainties of the future. With a mix of techniques learned from Juilliard and 10 years of professional experience out in the dance world, the class starts with a simple warm up of the body and continues to move into bigger and more complete moments throughout the creative process, ending in a dance phrase that is a collaborative effort between Brett and the class. His goal is for the student to leave with new tools not only to become a better dance but a more complete human being.

The Deep Dance Series is a rotating master class series hosted by The Dance Complex that seeks to provide rigorous movement experiences for the intermediate to advanced level dancer pursuing a professional level training in modern and contemporary dance.

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