The Deep Dance Series Presents: Megan Bascom

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
From $18 Drop Ins to $105 Full Pass (full Deep Dance Series Session 2)

This class is a place to be articulate and imaginative. It is a time to allow yourself to explore, indulge and share. We will begin with a progression of continuous patterns focusing on our strength, alignment, rotations, and depth of sensation. Time will be spent exploring how we relate to one another in movement, taking note of our own tendencies and response styles through contact-based scores. We will indulge in intricate play between weight, momentum, torque and our own individual nuance in phrase work that is full and physical, involving propulsion, redirection and a curiosity of focus.

The Deep Dance Series is a rotating master class series hosted by The Dance Complex that seeks to provide rigorous movement experiences for the intermediate to advanced level dancer pursuing a professional level training in modern and contemporary dance.

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