MassQuerade Ball 2017: Convergence

Presented by MassQ Ball
Villa Victoria Center for the Arts 85 West Newton Street , Boston

Imagine an art event where instead of looking at objects on walls we look at each other; where instead of going to see art, we become it; where people can convene, converge and celebrate what makes us both unique and unified.

This is the inspiration behind MassQuerade Ball 2017: Convergence, an inter-generational, cross-cultural exhibition of the arts taking place April 29, 2017.

Join us in honoring the diverse artistic expressions of Boston’s communities of color in a shared appreciation for arts, culture, and our collective humanity. The Ball is a socially stimulating cultural experience inspired by the experiential art technique of Roxbury-based artist Daniel Callahan. Daniel’s visual art practice of “MassQing” is derived from the ancient tradition of body decoration practiced by nearly all indigenous cultures on the planet. By using the human face as a canvas, these “MassQs” literally meld the subject with the artwork, transforming a person into a distinctly unique walking artist.

Participating dancers include Hyde Square Task Force, youth Latin dance ensemble and Sinha Capoeira Boston, Afro-Brazilian capoeira.

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