Observations in Movement – Dance & Draw Through Your Process

Presented by The Dance Complex
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 , Cambridge
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“The creative process is multi-layered.”

Observations in Movement Art: Gestures, is a visual art and movement practice designed to aid in foundational teachings in drawing and dance techniques. Understanding the mechanics of creating and enhancing form through the eyes of a figure artist and professional dancer is an enjoyable therapeutic release. Prompts are designed for choreographic and visual arts projects. Learn theories and practices of renowned visual and dance educators who inspired the Observation in Movement series.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce basic multimedia techniques to inspire the creative process in new ways. An “aha!” moment often comes when one is engaged in non-traditional mediums of expression. All levels and abilities of dancers and visual artists are invited to create a short choreographic phrase using this method. No one is required to show work, all are required to relax and have fun!

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