Presented by The Dance Cartel
OBERON 2 Arrow Street , Cambridge
$25 - $50

Driven equally by pumping bass, glitter, dance heroism and feats of endurance, this 90-minute, energy-busting experience is part dance, part video installation, part DJ set and part concert.

The Dance Cartel is after a new brand of dance experience. Taking note of a dance community that often serves a niche audience, TDC creates dances that are vibrant, immersive and often participatory. Without sacrificing technical rigor or artistic ambition as a dance company, we endeavor to employ the social nature of dance, the charge of a party, and the sharpness of a music video to a fresh dance vocabulary that any Joe can get down with.

April 27: DJ Colby Drasher (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)
April 28: DJ Begbick (Controversy, #Yaasss!, FOXY)

Feauring guest artists Niki Luparelli (Strip Zeppelin, Oh You Pretty Things!) and Grooversity

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