Sound Sculpture

Presented by Masary Studios
Innovation and Design Building 21 Drydock Ave, Suite 110E , Boston

Dance community friends- please take note! The esteemed and extremely cheese-caked Yo-el Cassell will be joining us at this event with his 360 Ensemble dancers!

The event is free and open to all and runs both nights. It is a kind of open gallery event to showcase our latest project – Sound Sculpture. SS is a physical compositional and sculptural interface, and I am particularly interested to share this with movers.

It is, possibly, a device in which a dancer or dancers could simultaneously compose a sound score, build a set, and create a lighting design all in real time in front of the audience.

The events 4/28 and 29 are open opportunities to come play with the Sound Sculpture and will include some live musical accompaniment.

Also, note that Saturday at noon we will feature a family / kid-style open gallery as well.