Surrender Dorothy

Presented by Grant Jacoby & Dancers
Complex @ Canal 650 E Kendall Street , Cambridge

An uncertain dance for uncertain times, “Surrender Dorothy” loops through the monotony, the anxiety, the grief, and the bleakness of the new decade. The work explores physical manifestations of intimacy, broaching questions such as: How does the unique dancing body reflect sorrow? How is this melancholy processed, regurgitated, and eventually celebrated? How do we adopt our pain and eventually wear it as armor?

Set to a playlist of vibrant pop songs, “Surrender Dorothy” is an immersive dance meant to be viewed up close from a 360 degree lens. The audience is designed to see the moving bodies at their most vulnerable, all the while aware that a unique vantage point will mask elements of the choreography normally, and universally, visible in a traditional proscenium space. In doing so, the work is acutely aware that not everything can be seen, known, digested, and appreciated.

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