Baroque Dance Basics

Integrarte 85 Seaverns Ave., Boston
Full program of 4 classes $55; Drop in $17 (drop ins only allowed in the first class)
Ken Pierce
Baroque Dance
Who is this class for?
Kids and Families, Adults
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Suggested Attire
comfortable clothing and flexible dance shoes

Learn some of the basic steps used in bourrées, gavottes, sarabandes, menuets, gigues, and other Baroque dances. Each class will begin with a warmup. Then we’ll learn or review steps in a variety of combinations, at different tempos and in different meters (duple, triple, compound), paying attention to timing, use of weight, and connection from one step to the next. Some Baroque dance steps — pas de bourrée, coupé, contretemps, pirouettes, jetés, pas de sissone, assemblé — have the same names as in today’s ballet; in some cases, their execution is similar to today’s, but not always!

By the end of the four-week session, students can expect to have a basic understanding of Baroque dance vocabulary and of the ways in which Baroque dance steps are used in different dance types.

For teens or adults who have some experience in any style of dance. Wear comfortable clothing and flexible dance shoes.

Drop-ins welcome at first class only.