Salsa and Cha Cha/Social Dance

Jody's School of Dance 407 Rear Mystic Ave. #11A, Medford
$125./8-Class Course/Person (minus $10. BDA discount)
Dance Caliente, Eileen Herman-Haase and Raul Nieves
Latin Social Dance
Who is this class for?
BDA Discount?
Suggested Attire
comfortable clothes and leather or suede bottom shoes

This course is designed for beginners through intermediate levels. Two professional teachers per course allows varied needs of students to be addressed.

In all Dance Caliente courses you are taught how to develop the skills needed to move comfortably with most anyone on the dance floor. The focus is both on the leader called the ”choreographer” and the follower called the “dancer” and you are given the opportunity to learn one or both rolls. We are well known for our vocal and unique method of teaching rhythms and weight shifts called “Oonka Ah”. Vocalizing instead of counting keeps our students in touch with the music throughout the learning process, keeps everyone breathing and even better, laughing! Eileen Herman-Haase and Raul Nieves, owners of Dance Caliente teach Social Dance with passion and make it their top priority to encourage and put at ease each and every student they teach.