BDA Fellowship

BDA congratulates James Morrow and Junichi Fukuda, winners of the 2017 Boston Dance Alliance Rehearsal and Retreat Fellowship!




These two choreographers will be supported as they develop original ensemble work with local dancers, enjoying a three-day intensive retreat period and a combination of other supports that allow them to pay the dancers for their efforts.

Boston Dance Alliance’s Rehearsal and Retreat Fellowship provides two experienced choreographic fellows with the opportunity to experiment, take risks, and build the skills to realize original ensemble work without the requirement of completing a work or presenting a finished performance. This fellowship specifically recognizes the contribution of dancers and the value of building long-term working relationships between choreographers and dancers.

This special opportunity is valued at $10,000 per fellowship. BDA is grateful to the Aliad Fund at The Boston Foundation for renewing its commitment to this valuable program.

Boston Dance Alliance Rehearsal and Retreat Fellowships have been awarded to

2014/2015Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion and Navarasa Dance Theatre
2013/14Lorraine Chapman, The Company and Kairos Dance Theatre
2012/13Annie Klopenberg and Company,  EgoArt, Inc., and Wendy Jehlen/ANIKAI Dance Theater
2011/12Danza Orgánica and Prometheus Dance
2010/11Anna Myer and Dancers and Navarasa Dance Theater
2009/10Urbanity Dance and Weber Dance
2008/09Masacote Entertainment and Falling Flight Project

We are pleased to being able to continue to provide Boston’s dance artists with the support and encouragement that they deserve.

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