Afrobeats Video

I am looking for a few dancers or small group to do a dance to an Afrobeats song. My fiance is currently in Uganda, he is a gospel reggae and dancehall artist there. I would love to create a video to post to Youtube/Facebook that showcases a dance routine to one of his songs. It doesn’t have to be all Afro dance– it could be as creative as we want it to be! Looking for a variety of dancers. I am looking at this as a creative/exposure opportunity such as dancers can use at their discretion/ freedom as I will also post to platforms to help share my fiance’s music, which is upbeat and uplifting (not explicit lyrics, etc.). I would certainly include dancers’ name/ organization to help market as well. It could be in there studio- I could simply share the song or it could be outside, whichever. Thank you so much! It would not be paid.